When you don’t have a dictionary or an app to go with your smartphone, Google has you covered

Google has created an app called The Learning Station that’s designed to help you learn to speak Spanish.

The app’s tagline reads, “Learn a language by following along with real-life lessons from native speakers.”

The app, which launched on Wednesday, offers free lessons for free, as well as paid lessons.

The Learning Station has been created to help people learn Spanish.

The first episode of The Learning Engine, titled “The Beginner’s Guide to Spanish,” will debut on Google Play on April 1, according to a description on the app.

The show is hosted by Spanish teacher Javier María del Rio.

María, who has lived in Mexico and Brazil, told The Huffington Post that he started teaching the program because he was tired of people asking him to teach them Spanish while they were in school.

He said he has been using the app to help his students improve in Spanish.