Sylvan: I have to take care of myself first

The Nashville Predators’ second-round pick Sylvant Harkins said he was reminded of his father, the late coach Jack Harkens, by his coach’s philosophy and his father’s willingness to take him to the rink.

Harkins played in a three-game series with the Philadelphia Flyers against the Flyers’ AHL affiliate, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.

He was called up to the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs in late January after spending time in the AHL with the team.

The Predators sent Harklins to the Phantoms on March 10 and he played in six games with the club before being sent back to Nashville on April 6 to make room for Harkos rookie, Anthony DeAngelo.

Harks NHL debut came the next day in a 6-3 win over the Florida Panthers.

He scored his first NHL goal in the first period, beating goalie Scott Clemmensen with a slap shot to the right corner and then the puck over the net to make it 2-0.HARKINS: It feels good to be back playing.

The coaches told me that I’m ready to play.

The goalies and the staff have been very encouraging.

I just want to continue to work hard and get better every day and keep getting better.

The guys are helping me out every day.HACKEN: Harkin’s role in the Predators’ penalty kill has been very consistent.

He is one of the top penalty killers in the league, ranking third in the NHL in shorthanded ice time per game.HARDEN: There’s definitely a good amount of chemistry there.

We have some good guys on the team and we’re playing a good style of hockey.

We’ve been able to get some chances to get out in front of the net, and we did that today.HANKER: The whole team is really excited to have him back in the lineup.

It was great to see him back there, and he has a real positive impact on our team.

It’s really nice to have that chemistry and to have the puck in his hands and not be limited by the defense.HASHIKOVIC: He’s been here a long time, he’s a real professional, and the whole team looks up to him.

It really means a lot to us to have a guy like that back.HARRIS: It’s been really fun playing with Harkis, and to be able to play with a guy that’s been around a long, long time and just having him there every night and the camaraderie with the guys.

It just feels good, man.HICKMAN: It is pretty cool to be here with him.

We’re a team that likes to compete.

We like to play and the team wants to play, so it’s nice to be part of that.

He’s a big part of our team and he’s going to be a big contributor for us.HODGES: We’re excited to get him back on the ice and he’ll be a great addition to the group.

He plays well defensively, he plays with a lot of confidence and is a guy who is hard to get caught with.

It feels great to have this guy back.

HARKINS is a real good skater, and his skating ability is a big thing in our game.

Hark is a great guy to have around.

He gives us confidence in our young guys, especially in our second line, because we’ve got a lot more experience there than what we have now.

We feel like we can make the jump in the game and that’s what we’re trying to do, get better each day.

HARDEN said that he thinks Hark, a sixth-round draft pick in the 2016 NHL Draft, has “done a great job.”HARKENS: I just got to be myself, just be who I am, just play hockey.

You know, be the best you can be and just try to get better.HILLS: I think it’s great for a young player to play in the League.

I think they need to have confidence in him and have confidence with their team.

I’m excited to see where he goes.

HANKER said he thinks that Hark’s experience and hockey sense has helped him make the most of his time in Nashville.HAYES: He knows how to play the game, he knows how you want to play it, so that’s good for a guy to be around.HOCKEN: You know what, I think that he’s got a great attitude.

He just wants to win.

Harkin said he has been impressed by Harkas commitment to the game.

He said, “You’ve got to go out there and be the guy you want your team to be.

It is what it is.

It doesn’t matter who you are.

You just go out and do your job.”

HARKENS said he believes his younger