Study: ‘Dreambox’ learning tool helps students learn about math, science, and math skills

Cengage Learning is working to develop an early learning learning tool that can help students who are struggling with math and science, the company said Wednesday.

The Dreambox Learning Tool is designed to help students with a learning disability who are interested in the math and scientific skills, and can help them hone their skills.

The tool, which will be released in early 2018, will be available in schools and community centers across the country.

The company is a leader in the field of cognitive development tools and has developed a tool for students with learning disabilities called the Cognitive-Based Learning System (CBLS).CBLs are learning tools that can provide a visual interface to help children develop a cognitive framework for understanding and processing information, the Washington Post reported.

It is designed for ages 4-12 and is available at schools and colleges in the U.S. and Canada.CBL’s tool was designed to be used by students who struggle with math, but not science or science-related skills, according to the company.

Students who need help understanding the scientific concepts are encouraged to use the Cognitive Learning System, which allows students to access and manipulate information through a visual user interface.