How to use a map to see if your local park is getting its fill of elephants

A map shows where your park is at the moment, and the way it’s being used is a good indication of how the park is doing, according to a new report.

The idea is that the park that has the most elephants at the time will get the most visitors, the report said.

Here’s how to use the Elephant Map to see how your park’s elephants are doing.1.

Make sure the map is up to date by going to the park page.2.

Select the “Park Map” icon on the map.3.

Select “Park” and click “Options.”4.

Click “Edit.”5.

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Update” button.6.

Change the park name from “Elephant Park” to “Lakefront.”7.

Select a map size and click the “Add” button to add it to your park.8.

Select which elephants are the main focus of the park and click Add.9.

Add another elephant from the “Other” category to the list and click Save.10.

Click on the elephant icon and click Edit.11.

Click the elephant’s name and scroll down until it says “Elephants in Park.”12.

Select an elephant from that category and click add.13.

Click Save.14.

You can then add other elephants to the map by adding them to the “Others” list.15.

Click Add to see their elephant information and click save.16.

Select another elephant and click edit.17.

Click OK to close the map editing.

If you like the idea of the map, you can download the ElephantMap app to use it.