Great River Learning makes it easier for students to learn online

Learning management systems like Great River, Amazon’s Go, and are all being used to teach online courses, with each offering a different model for teaching students online.

Here are a few tips to help you learn online with these systems.


Make sure you have a teacher You may be tempted to just grab a textbook or a textbook bundle from, but you may not want to get stuck on one.

Great River’s online learning platform has a teaching tool to help students find a teacher.

You can use this tool to find a good teacher, or you can use the Teacher Assistant feature to create a personalized list of teachers to send to the teacher you are looking for.


Make your own lessons You can also use a tool like Lynda to help teach online with lesson templates.

Lynda makes it easy to create, share, and share your online lessons, and you can add them to the course or the textbook you are using.

Lyndahook allows you to easily upload a free lesson template for free.

Lyndamakes it easy for you to create your own online lessons.

It also has a lesson creation and editing tool.


Create and share a lesson You can create and share lessons through Lynda, which has a large library of course content.

Lyndakess the Lynda website has an extensive lesson library, and it lets you upload and share videos, audio, and more.

Lyndarakes it easier to upload and post online courses.

Lyndafook lets you easily create, upload, and add videos, images, and other resources to your online courses from anywhere.

We recommend creating a course using Lynda if you’re interested in learning how to code.


Upload a video from anywhere in the world You can use a video uploader like VideoUploader to upload your own videos.

VideoUpload has an excellent tutorial to show you how to upload a video, and we have an example video below.


Use your own music You can record your own songs using Audacity, but the process can be time consuming.

You can make your own recordings, but this takes some getting used to.

Audacity is a great free music production tool.

Audible has a free app for free to listen to free audio podcasts.

The app has an online recording tool as well.


Set your own timer This is a key step if you want to make your online learning more engaging.

You could use a timer that will tell you when to start or stop, or create a timer to show how many minutes to make each lesson.

To start a lesson, you can drag the start button to the bottom of your screen.

Then, drag and drop the “timer” button to your right to add the time.

Once you have the time set, you just have to drag the timer button to start the lesson.


Use a free audio lesson resource This may be the best choice if you need a resource that will help you remember the content.

You might be interested in listening to free podcasts, but there are also many resources that can help you organize your online course material.

AuditoryLabs has a huge online audio library.

It has many podcasts that can be downloaded for free, and many other resources for free online.


Create a lesson from a blank page This is another great option if you don’t want to spend hours learning how the material works.

You just need to drag and paste the page to your learning app and you are ready to go.

This is the same process for creating your own lesson.


Create your own tutorial to help others learn online You can start a free video tutorial on YouTube or on Google+ for beginners.

If you have any questions about creating a lesson or using a tool to teach your students, we recommend consulting with a professional.


Create an online course with Lynda Learn from Lynda for free or if you can’t find a free tool to make online learning fun, try Lynda’s Lynda Learning platform.

LyndA allows you create courses from a wide variety of content, and there are many Lynda courses to choose from.

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