The Chinese are now learning Mandarin in the UK

The Chinese have become the fastest growing international language in the world, overtaking English as the second most spoken language in more than 30 countries.

The number of people in the United Kingdom speaking Mandarin has risen by more than 500,000 over the past five years, and more than half of them now speak it at home.

This has given rise to a thriving Mandarin-learning community in Britain, with more than 300,000 Mandarin learners, according to figures released by the government on Tuesday.

“We are the world’s largest Mandarin-speaking nation, but we are not alone,” said British education minister Nick Gibb.

“In fact, we are the largest Mandarin speaking country in the western world.”

There is no doubt that Mandarin is the language of the future and the future is China.

“It is a development that is welcomed by the Chinese government, which has been actively promoting Mandarin as an international language since 2012, when China’s President Xi Jinping made the country a full member of the United Nations in recognition of its contributions to international development.

Chinese learners are increasingly being brought up in Mandarin, with Mandarin becoming the second official language for children in the country after English, after French, with about half of Chinese schoolchildren now speaking the language at home, according the government.

The UK is now home to more than 200,000 Chinese learners, with an estimated 1.1 million of them currently in primary school, according figures released on Tuesday by the Office for National Statistics.

But this is only a fraction of the Chinese population, with around 100,000 of them learning the language in primary and secondary schools.

Chinese government officials have also been making it clear that the Chinese will remain the largest language in their country, as long as they retain a large number of jobs in China.

China has the world largest population of Mandarin speakers, and the government has been making its efforts to encourage more Chinese to learn the language.

The Chinese government has also been encouraging businesses to open their doors to Chinese speakers, as well as encouraging Chinese companies to create jobs in the English-speaking world.

However, many people are still not comfortable with Mandarin being taught at home as it is often a language of social awkwardness and isolation, particularly among young people, according David Tully, head of the British Mandarin Association.”

For most people who speak Mandarin it’s a foreign language, which means you are not a part of their world, you are isolated and you are alone,” he said.”

But for many young people it is their first language, and they are the ones who are going to be responsible for their own future.

“It’s a very isolating language, but Mandarin is so powerful because of its power as a language.”

Chinese language learners have been a vocal and vocal critic of the language’s usage in schools.

In 2017, Chinese language teachers from around the world met in a meeting in Singapore, where the aim was to create a new system to ensure that Mandarin-speakers are taught in schools to give the language more opportunities for learning.

But the meeting failed, and in 2018, a similar meeting was held in the US, where Mandarin speakers were not invited to attend.

According to Tully and others, this was not an isolated incident.

In 2016, the British government published a list of 11 recommendations to improve the language-learning opportunities of Mandarin learners.

One of these was the creation of an independent body to monitor Mandarin-language learners, to ensure they were being treated fairly, according a statement released by UK Education Secretary Maria Miller.

A number of other recommendations were to set up a government body to regulate the use of Mandarin, and set up an international Mandarin language institute, among others.

Chinese students at Oxford University are currently using Chinese in their university study, and some students are now speaking Mandarin in classrooms and online.

According, Chinese students are also learning the foreign language in a new way, with the use in classrooms, where they are learning Chinese as a foreign-language subject.

“Chinese language learning is happening in a very different way, where students are learning it in a more interactive way, and Chinese is used as a social and political tool, as opposed to just a language,” said Tully.

He said that Chinese learners were often “disconnected” from their families, with teachers and parents having little input in their learning.

“They are just sitting in front of the computer or having a chat on Facebook,” he added.

“And I think this disconnect between the Chinese learner and the Chinese culture, is going to have an impact on the future of Mandarin.”

The British government has previously said that the government would not change the language requirement for Chinese learners as long they are not allowed to speak the language on their own.

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