Kids Learning Tube: Parents have to watch their kids’ videos to avoid learning from the internet

NEW YORK — Kids Learning Tube, a video-sharing service for parents, is rolling out a new video-recording app in New York City this month.

The app, called YouTube Kids, is being marketed as a way to encourage parents to keep their children safe.

It will be rolled out to the public in mid-April.

In New York, there are about 1,200 YouTube Kids accounts for parents to choose from, and the service has already grown in popularity.

Parents who don’t already have a YouTube account can sign up for one now and can view videos in HD or SD quality, according to the company.

YouTube says it is committed to making YouTube Kids safer, and it’s trying to reach parents with video warnings and warnings for inappropriate content.

“YouTube Kids has been designed to be an app that parents can easily access and access with their children, while also offering them the flexibility to control their own viewing behavior,” the company said in a blog post.

If you are using YouTube Kids in New Zealand, you can learn more about the app and sign up here.

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