How to write the perfect story from scratch

In the age of online video, writers need to be at their most creative when they are learning from other writers.

Here are 10 tips to help you make your story the best it can be. 1.

Write from a point of view of the reader 2.

Keep the story short 3.

Avoid using jargon and cliches 4.

Find the most appropriate voice for your character 5.

Do not try to make your reader feel guilty about not liking the main character 6.

Avoid getting too philosophical or dramatic 7.

Make the reader laugh or cry 8.

Write as if they are reading a story, not a script 9.

Avoid over-simplifying 10.

Make sure the reader can understand and relate to the story.

1 / 10 4.

Write the perfect first paragraph Write from the point of the protagonist.

You can write about their past, or they may be the person who is most important to them.

When writing this way, it gives the reader a sense of purpose and direction.

The main character will be a person who you can relate to. 2 / 10 3.

Don’t use clichés and clics to get a reader to care 4.

When you use clicches, make sure they are not redundant or confusing 5.

Make your characters interesting and compelling 6.

Don,t make your main character boring or dull 7.

Write with a sense the reader is going to be frustrated 8.

Avoid jargon and jargon-laden sentences 9.

Write your main characters as if you were writing a script 10.

When the reader gets bored, stop reading and return to the first paragraph.

2. Use clichés to keep your readers interested in the story 3.

When possible, use a short story format to create suspense 4.

Donate your story to a literary journal to get readers interested 5.

Don an online fiction course to keep readers motivated 6.

Give readers hints to help them write their stories 7.

Use clicchess rules to help readers understand what is happening 8.

Donating your story helps the author make a living 9.

When a reader gives you a thumbs up, it is a sign that the reader has read your story 10.

If you have a story in which a character is a child, make it a part of a story that includes a child to keep the story fresh and interesting.

4 / 10 5.

Avoid clichés that are too similar to real life examples and use the right words for your readers 6.

Make it fun and interesting for your audience to play along with your characters 7.

If a reader can read your short story, it means they have read the whole book 8.

When reading a short tale, make a point to give the reader enough details to get to the bottom of the story 9.

Don a podcast to get your readers engaged 10.

Give your readers clues about where the story is going in the future, and help them find the answers to the mysteries.

5 / 10 6.

Write about people who you would want to spend time with.

If your story is about people in real life, write about the main characters 7 / 10 8.

If the main point of your story involves an action or situation, make the reader feel like they are part of the action 9.

If it is about a person, write as if the character is the person in the situation 10.

Use humor, light heartedness and a little of drama to keep a reader engaged.


Use the word ‘it’.

Use ‘what’.

Make sure it is interesting and memorable.

6 / 10 7.

Avoid words that sound too generic.

Use a real person and not someone you have read about.

7 / 6 8.

Do NOT use any swear words.

Use only those that make sense in your story.

If there are too many swear words, you may need to rewrite your story 9 / 6 9.

Do make sure your characters are human, that is, not fake, and that their story is believable.


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