What you need to know about Michael Jackson’s new book on the AIDS crisis

Michael Jackson has published a book that chronicles the AIDS epidemic and the rise of the pharmaceutical industry in the 1980s and 1990s.

His latest, “Letters From AIDS: A Memoir,” will be published Aug. 3 by HarperCollins.

It chronicles his life from the moment he contracted the virus in 1988 to the moment the drugs he used to combat it, called Truvada and Prilosec, began to be marketed in 1999.

He wrote the book to tell the story of the lives of others who had the virus.

He also made a documentary film about it called “The Untold Story of AIDS.”

He was the first person to have AIDS publicly diagnosed, and he and his wife, Sharon, survived.

His memoir is a rare look at the devastating effects of the disease on those around him.

It also provides the most detailed account yet of the many health professionals who were charged with overseeing Jackson’s treatment after he contracted it.

It has drawn criticism from the likes of President Donald Trump and Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who have both accused Jackson of having a political agenda and taking his book too far.

Jackson is no stranger to controversy.

He has been the subject of much scrutiny in recent years after he published a memoir in 2012 that was critical of the way that doctors at UCLA had treated him during the AIDS pandemic.

The memoir sparked outrage and protests in several U.S. states, including Florida, while his wife wrote a memoir that was later turned into a film and made it into a box-office hit.

He was released from jail in March 2016 and returned to Los Angeles to begin a new life as a filmmaker.

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