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Irish students are facing a massive learning and teaching crisis after the Government abandoned its bid to establish a learning management company, Seawear.

A report by the Independent Schools Minister and published by The Irish Sun this week said it is a major challenge for students who want to study for GCSEs, but who are also faced with massive cuts to state funding.

The report said that in the past two years, state spending on learning management has gone from €2.8bn to €3.4bn.

In total, state funding has dropped by more than €8bn, from €3bn in 2016 to €2bn in 2017.

The Department of Education said that it is working to create a system that works for all students.

The Government has been forced to re-evaluate the cost of learning, and the report says there is a need for a system which could be used by all students, regardless of their level of experience.

The Minister for Education and Skills, Leo Varadkar, said that the government is working on developing an independent system that is not dependent on the local authority, and can work alongside the state system to ensure students’ learning is supported.

He said that under the new model, which will be unveiled in the coming months, the system will be overseen by a single agency.

“We will have a national board and a national regulator, and we will also have a new model of the process whereby the state board is responsible for managing learning across the state,” he said.

“This model will enable us to focus on the core competencies that are important to every student.”

The new model will also help students to be able to get better, and will support them to achieve their potential and reach their full potential.

“But the report warned that this model is a significant challenge for many students who are already struggling to get a foothold in the sector.

It found that while the Department of Social Protection is working with the state on a plan to establish the company, it has not identified a single school that can provide the service.”

Its findings were based on a survey of 2,200 students across the country, and are expected to be published in March.”

A lot of this is driven by a lack of money.”

Its findings were based on a survey of 2,200 students across the country, and are expected to be published in March.

Irish Independent

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