How to help your children learn the basics of life

How to teach your kids to do their homework early. 

The best way to get kids to learn the fundamentals of life early is to teach them through the classroom.

But some parents are finding the early learning center (ELC) approach is a bit too easy.

The parents of three-year-old boy, Max, say their oldest son’s school has been struggling with this concept.

“He’s the one who really got us into the learning thing,” said Lacey Johnson, Max’s mother.

“I’m trying to get my son to know what the word ‘no’ means.”

The preschool’s ELC has a full-time assistant and a student aide.

“It’s definitely a little bit harder for him to understand,” Lacey said.

The assistant has been learning the basics through videos and books.

“We were hoping to teach him about how to do something with his hands, but he just didn’t seem to understand it,” Lacey said.

“So, he’s got to be at home and in front of the TV and playing video games all day long.”

When they got back to the classroom, Max and his mother found out the teacher was working on a special assignment.

“The first thing she said to us was, ‘Well, you’ve got to work on that later in the day,'” Lacey recalled.

“But then, it was like she’s really excited that we got that done.

I was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know, what is she doing now?'”‘

No’ sign, not ‘yes’As a parent, it’s hard to keep up with all the work.

“If we had to do a class, we’d just sit down and we’d work on the homework, because he’s already learned so much,” said mother Lacey.

“My kids are all very busy kids and they need to be able to focus on learning.”

The assistant’s job is to work with the children to help them learn.

“She’ll ask them what is the no or yes?

And we’ll look at it and we’ll figure out what they want to know,” Lachie Johnson said.

But Lacey says she’s worried about the impact the new teacher may have on her son.

“One of the big things we were talking about is that maybe we’re not teaching him enough about life.

So, it could be that he’s learning things in a way that we don’t really want him to learn,” she said.

Lacey says the new program is a great solution for her family, but she’s also worried about what it could mean for the children’s learning.

“A lot of times when kids learn something new, they have to do it in the classroom because we have to make sure we’re teaching it,” she added.

“That’s really the hardest thing for them.

We’re really concerned that he could start to do things that we’ve never seen before.”‘

We are trying to teach our kids to be safe’The parents say they’re looking forward to teaching their children the basics in the ELC program.

“Now, we are trying not to push them too hard, but at the same time, we want them to know that they’re not going to get in trouble if they don’t do it right, or if we can’t teach them what we’re doing,” said mom Lacey, who also teaches English.

In the meantime, Max is working on his own lesson plan.””

And, we’re always trying to help our kids learn the skills that we have in the room.”

In the meantime, Max is working on his own lesson plan.

“When we got back from the school, Max was like ‘I don’t understand what I just heard’,” said Lachia.

“And, he had to go back to his class and he’s like ‘What is that supposed to mean?’

So, we kind of have to keep him on his homework.”

The parents are still hopeful the new ELC will be a success.

“They’re teaching our children to be good and to be kind, so that’s really important for us,” Lchia said.

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