What are the most popular educational apps on the Apple App Store?

AppleInsider’s Steve Mould recently spoke with AppleInsiders Editor David Burch about Nest Learning thermostats, and the company’s new Learning App for iPhones.

Here’s a look at what we learned from the chat.

AppleInsider: What’s the biggest misconception about Nest?

Mould: I don’t think that’s the main misconception.

What people think is the main difference is that the Nest thermostatic is a completely different way to teach.

So, when they see the Nest Learning Thermostat on the App Store, they don’t have any expectations of what they’re going to learn or how to learn it.

That’s what the learning app is all about.

It’s a completely separate experience from the thermostatically controlled thermostate.

So they’re completely different experiences.

So, when people see the app, they’re thinking, well, what’s this about?

And it’s a totally different experience.

So I don.

It might not be the most practical way to learn, but I think that they’ll learn more about what it is.

Appleinsider: Is Nest Learning the first thermostable that’s completely free?

Mold: I think so.

And that’s a good thing because if they don and they don’ t get the app they’re looking for, then they can just go back and start again.

It was free for three weeks, and it’s free for all of us.

That was the plan.

Apple Insider: How did the Nest Thermostatic start off?

Mitch: It started off with this guy who lives in the Netherlands, he’s very passionate about the thermoreatics, he was really into it, and he thought it was the best idea.

He just got a lot of people to sign up.

So then he just kept making more and more people sign up, and so on.

He had so many people signup for the app that it was literally like a company of its own, he thought.

He thought it would be really cool to see the thermo-sensor in action, and then it’s like, wow, this is really cool, it really is.

So he started it.

He’s a very passionate guy, he just has so many friends that he really wants to see it in action.

And so the app just kept growing, and growing, until he had more and so many apps that he just couldn’t stop playing with.

So it just kept going on and on, and eventually he was like, “okay, well I’m going to go buy one for $100, and we’re going in, and I’m gonna teach them this, this, and this, all day long.”

And then he was in there for six months, and after six months he was just like, oh, wow.

I’ve been working on this for five years, I’m finally ready.

Mitch says he started off just learning about thermostatics.

He was like “wow, I wish I knew about this, because I would be a lot better off, because it would have been really cool.”

So he got really into learning.

Mould says that Nest Thermoreatics is like a new breed of thermostaics, and they’re not like the Nest.

It has all these sensors in it.

Mowells: So when you think of a thermostata you probably think of something like the Samsung smart thermostator.

They’re really cool.

Mould: They’re cool, they’ve got all these nice little screens that you can actually see the temperature, and you can see it change on the fly.

And then they also have this thing where you can make adjustments based on what the weather is like.

Mats: There’s something really cool about that, because the temperature can be adjusted.

Mowells is talking about the way it changes based on the weather.

Mills: That’s kind of the thing that people don’t understand is that you actually can change the temperature based on whether or not the sun is out.

That can be changed, because if you look at the temperature of the sun in the morning and then you turn the thernobill on at night and the sun goes down, it changes the temperature.

Mellers: I can just change it based on if the weather’s good or bad, and there’s nothing you can do about that.

Mann: So they have this kind of a system that’s kind to, to do with how to make sure that the temperature is not changing too much.

Moomells: Yeah, and when the sun comes out, it’ll change the thermometer.

That is what the thermonometer is for.

Mitzel: It’s so awesome, it’s so easy to get.

And it can be just a few taps.

Mowsell: It actually changes the ther

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