Virtual Learning Academy: Learn to Code in 24 hours!

Posted November 02, 2018 06:24:33 Learn to code, the art of coding, has been around for decades and is an important part of the human journey, but now, it’s even more important for people with learning disabilities.

The new virtual learning environment called VLC, created by Microsoft and a collaboration between Microsoft, VLC Learning and a nonprofit called Learning Disability Alliance (LDA), is designed to enable students to learn to code in 24-hour chunks and with their peers, as well as teachers and teachers’ assistants.

VLC is designed as a platform for people to learn and share their own code, as the program aims to empower people with disabilities with the tools to build software that will be used by the world’s top tech companies, businesses and organizations.

Microsoft, the creator of the platform, announced the launch of VLC last month.

VLTC will be powered by the open-source VLC engine and run on Azure.

Learn more about VLC here.

“We are excited to bring this new platform to the world of learning, and are excited for the community to join the effort to make this technology widely available to all,” said Jim Fischler, Microsoft vice president of learning and learning innovation, in a statement.

“Our goal is to help empower people to be better learners, and that includes those with learning impairments.”

In the announcement, Microsoft also announced that VLC will be made available on the Azure Marketplace.

Learn to learn, a learning aid designed to help people learn with computer programs, will be available in Microsoft Azure as a paid service from November 2, and will be free for those who already have a Microsoft account.

Learn More The VLC platform will allow people to build, test and improve their own programs in a short period of time.

Students will be able to choose from a large number of learning resources, including videos, audio, images and texts.

Microsoft’s James Gorman, a director of the Azure Learning team, said that in the first month of availability, the team has seen over 3,200 developers create over 600,000 programs.

Microsoft said that the VLC learning platform will also make it easier for people who need support in learning with computers to access it.

“By providing the tools and the resources that people need, we are able to give people the tools they need to make sure they are getting the best experience possible,” Gorman said in a blog post.

“And that is the most important thing: People who need help, are getting help.”

Learn more on Microsoft Azure here.

Virtual Learning Centers Microsoft also launched the VLCCs, a partnership with VLC to provide training, education, coaching and technical support to its community of more than 150,000 people with intellectual disabilities.

Learn about VLMC, VLFCs and VLC at Microsoft.

Learn how you can get started on VLC in Azure here and learn more about how to become a VLC member here.

Microsoft says that by providing this service to those who need it, the VLSCs are helping to accelerate the development of the technology and provide opportunities for people like Microsoft’s Gorman.

“Through the VLA, we’re seeing more and more families and educators and teachers and their spouses and partners use the tools that VLLC provides to help educate and prepare their kids and their families,” said Gorman in a Microsoft blog post announcing the VLLCs.

“It’s not just about helping them get the tools, it is about helping the world learn and become better.”

The VLRCs, which are also supported by the Azure education community, are designed to provide tutoring and coaching for people from the VLP community.

The VLA is the platform for all of Microsoft’s online learning platforms, including VLC.

Learn what it means to learn online, and what you need to know to make it work for you, at Microsoft Learning and the VLMCCs here.

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