Titans will be a ‘learning team’

Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson has made it clear that his team will not be a “learning team.”

Robinson told reporters on Wednesday that the Titans will have a learning mission in the preseason, and it will involve players in multiple areas of the game.

Robinson said he has been working on this plan for a while and is confident that it will come together for the Titans.

“We’ll be a learning team,” Robinson said.

“We’ll do everything we can to educate the kids and educate the coaches.

We’ll try to teach them how to make plays, how to be better at their craft, how they can learn and grow, how the game is played, how we need to make better decisions in games and make better plays.

And I think they’ll be ready to go.”

And I know we’ll do it.

“The Titans are going to be a tough out to start the preseason.

The team has had a rough year, having lost three of its past four games.

Robinson has said that he expects the team to be more competitive than the team it had in 2014, which won its first two games and reached the playoffs.

The Titans have not been a very good team at home this year.

They have lost nine of their past 10 games there, which is a season-high.

Robinson also said that the team will be taking some time to get things sorted out before training camp opens on Aug. 25.

He said that they will be making sure that players are on the field for their entire offseason, and that he is “looking forward to getting that out of the way for this year.”

The team will also be taking a look at its defensive line, which has struggled mightily this season.

It is not a good group of players.

The Titans have allowed the seventh-fewest points per game (20.4) and have allowed more than half of their yards per game to be gained by opposing quarterbacks.

Coach Jeff Fisher is in the process of rebuilding the defensive line this offseason.