How to train your child to fly – how to make it a dream

A dream to fly.

That’s the dream of thousands of people in Australia who are seeking to improve their ability to fly as a way to reduce the need for air ambulances.

The idea is to develop the skill to be able to fly safely and independently without needing an air ambulance.

This would allow people to enjoy the joy of flying in a controlled way.

The Australian Academy of Air Ambulance Practitioners (AAPAP) is encouraging parents to make the switch to flying as a hobby.

In this video, you’ll see the AAPAP’s lead trainer, Dr Richard Sibley, explain how to train a child to become a safe and confident flying member of the community.

Watch the video here: The dream to become an air ambulance paramedic was a dream for many.

The ABC’s Four Corners program revealed that people in the Northern Territory had been flying for nearly 30 years, having learned the skill by watching the ABC’s A-League Football Show and seeing their loved ones who were pilots.

AAPAPS founder Dr Richard Savage said that the hope was that by helping people become involved with their local community, they would be able better prepare for the inevitable transition into air ambulancy.

“A lot of people are looking to fly because they feel they are in danger, but they may not know how to do it,” Dr Savage said.

There are currently more than 15,000 air ambulancers in Australia, but only about 100 are registered with the Australian Government.

Some of these have been trained in aviation safety and have had to train their new colleagues to operate air ambulases in order to meet the requirements of the air ambulance profession.

Dr Savage said the aim was to train up the new pilots so they could then take part in air ambulatic training and become a part of the Australian air ambulance community.

“The training itself is a very safe activity and the learning that’s required is really beneficial in helping people transition from flying to an air paramedic position,” Dr Sibleys said.

Dr Savage is hopeful that with the help of the AAPAPS, the dream will be fulfilled.

“There are more than 20,000 members who have completed their apprenticeships and we are working with people to develop new opportunities for people to become registered air ambulance paramedics and help improve the safety of the aviation community in Australia,” Dr David O’Reilly said.

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