Germany’s Accelerated Learning Centre will be the centre of learning in Germany

Germans are set to have access to a highly advanced new educational technology as they wait for the country’s government to make sure that accelerated learning is available to everyone, according to a German news site.

The news site reported on Friday that the German Education Ministry had granted a licence for a new institute called the Accelerated Learning Center to become the countrys largest accelerated learning centre.

This centre will take up the space of the cathedral of training, where Germany’s top-ranked universities train their students, the news site added.

The new centre will be located at the site of the former Albert Einstein University in Essen, Germany.

This new institute will be able to deliver high-quality accelerated learning, including video lectures, hands-on learning, online courses, and on-demand learning, the report said.

The centre will operate for a period of five years.

It is expected to launch in 2020.

“The institute is the result of years of research into the integration of learning and technology, and we believe this will help improve the quality of learning,” a ministry spokesman told The Associated Press news agency.

“We want the centre to be a hub for accelerated learning and to attract international experts, who will then help to transform the learning experience for students in Germany.”

The university of Graz, in Austria, has a centre for accelerated learners, but only for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

A spokeswoman for the Austrian Education Authority said the centre would operate independently and not compete with any existing centre in Austria.

“As a result, the centre will not compete for the same funding or the same staff, the spokeswoman said in an email to The Associated News.”

It is an autonomous organisation which will have its own budget, and will be managed independently.

“The centre has already begun operating in Austria and Germany, and plans to open in the U.K. in 2020, the spokesman added.