BOOM Learning Cards – Learn More About Booms

Booms Learning Cards have been designed to teach kids about the booms in their lives and how to protect them from them.

The cards are available in two flavours, a standard edition and a limited edition. 

“Booms are the natural part of the summertime,” said Laura Mazzotta, a marketing and communications manager at Boom Learning Cards. 

She said the cards were made to teach young children about the weather and how they could be prepared for the upcoming winter.

“We have these cards that teach kids how to prepare for booms,” Ms Mazzota said.

“It’s an opportunity to get kids excited about the upcoming weather, and how it will affect their lives.”

The cards are part of a $10 million fund being created by Boom Learning to help children learn about booms and how their bodies react to them.

The cards, which are designed to be used by preschoolers, preschoolers and children aged two to eight, have been tested in schools around Australia and are now available to pre-schoolers.

“There are about 2,500 booms, and there are about 200 different weather events every year, and the weather is unpredictable,” Ms Zern said.

The learning centre was set up to teach the card holders how to use the cards.”

If you look at the impact on families, you can see how much stress it has on a family.”

The learning centre was set up to teach the card holders how to use the cards.

The school also offers a free online learning course on booms that is tailored to the different levels of age groups.

“It’s not just for kids, it’s for anyone that is interested in learning about boomes and how booms affect the community,” Ms Sommers said.

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